Jumping Out of Airplanes Day

September 9th will always be Jumping Out of Airplanes Day to me.

Three years ago today, I was supposed to be getting married after this whole fairytale courtship debacle (note to self: most real fairytales are cautionary stories that involve children getting eaten...my bad Grimm brothers).My then fiancé freaked out and cancelled the wedding (little did I know at the time, the first of TWO. High five for learning things the hard way).

My self-esteem and heart were pretty much wrecked. That relationship was my Harvard education in self-worth (in terms of money, time, how hard it was, and how many lessons I learned. The biggest ones: believe people when they show you who they are, don’t audition, and don’t be afraid to jump because, even if it doesn’t work out, my wings are strong af and they’ve got me.

So, to commentate the wedding that wasn’t, I did something that made me feel brave and badass, something that was a big leap on my own terms. My friend Kacy agreed to jump with me, wearing a bridesmaid’s dress if necessary (I almost did it in the couture wedding gown  that has never been worn...not kidding). How lucky am I that I have friends that will literally jump out of airplanes with me?

Because here is the thing: Doing brave shit that scares you is the best way to reset your what’s possible button.

As painful as that season of my life was, I am also so thankful for it because it prepared me for now. The relationship of my dreams, my adorable baby Sophie, a gorgeous home in the neighborhood Neal and I always wanted the girls to grow up in, and most importantly, roots.

🌟Happy Jumping Out of Airplanes Day🌟

What brave thing do you want or need to do?  What additional information do you need to make the choice? None? Awesome.

Now, leap. 🦅